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Wellis MPcD has defined a business ethics policy which shall form the basis of the company’s principles for business ethics. All employees shall comply with the company’s principles for business ethics based on social integrity, awareness and responsibility. The company has the following principles:

  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We shall not offer, promise or give any improper advantages to public officials or third parties which would cause them to refrain from performing their official duties.
  • We shall not offer gifts, hospitality or expenses to customer employees or any third parties except for promotional items of minimal value normally bearing a company logo. All hospitality such as social events, meals and entertainment may be offered to customers or third parties if there is an obvious business reason for doing so.
  • We shall be highly aware of situations that could lead to conflicts of financial, business and personal interests. If anyone should become aware of any potential conflicts of interest, they shall notify the company’s management without delay.
  • We shall not hire or employ children below the age of 15.
  • We shall not engage or employ people against their own will.
  • We recognise that our employees are entitled to be, or refrain from being, union members and to be represented in collective bargaining agreements. In those parts of the world where these rights are restricted our employees shall nevertheless have the right to influence their work.
  • We will comply with local laws and agreements relating to working hours.
  • We will pay fair wages to both employees and hired staff, as well as treat our employees equally and fairly and accept no form of harassment or discrimination.
  • We recognise and respect the special importance of the social, cultural, religious and spiritual values and practises of indigenous and tribal peoples and their relationship with the land or territories, and we will minimise any impact that our work will have on such communities.

Wellis MPcD

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