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State-of-the-art PCD - Pressure Control Device

Wellis MPcD provides MPD services through our state-of-the-art PCD - Pressure Control Device. The PCD represents a safe, efficient and predictable system in operations such as:

  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
  • Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling (PMCD)
  • Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)
  • Additional barrier above the rig BOP/Annular with continuous monitoring

PCD training courses

In addition, Wellis MPcD provides technical and preparatory PCD training courses at our location in Norway, a valuable resource for PCD crew members in ‘fit for operation’ training and for others for educational purposes. It is possible to run and operate our PCD in simulator mode or live at our full-scale test facility. Our test facility is located adjacent to our 1,000 m2 workshop which has an additional area for storage and parking.

Wellis MPcD

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Hordaland, Norway

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